Mischa Perella is a music composer from Switzerland for video games and apps. It's important for him to create emotions and feelings with his music and that his melodic themes supports the game. On this page you'll find some music he created for various video games like "The Path of Go" for Microsoft XBox and "Cannon Crasha" for Gangogames.

If you need music for your game or app or if you have any questions and comments feel free to contact me.
Cannon Crasha (iOS)
14 Tracks for GangoGames (2013)
Tschau Sepp / Mau Mau (iOS)
2 Tracks for GangoGames (2010)
Shithead (iOS)
2 Tracks for GangoGames (2012)
The Path of Go (XBOX Live)
8 Tracks for Microsoft (2010)
The Wild Wild Pixel (PC)
in production for Fabraz (2013)
The Adventures of Chuck (PC)
4 Tracks for SchoolProject (2013)
Lava Run (iOS)
in production for GangoGames
Don't hit the Teacher (Web)
1 Track for Streuplan / Manor (2013)
Island Game (working title)
in production for GangoGames
Some 8-Bit stuff
some remixes
Different Projects